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I Want to Change My Life: How to Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Addiction. Steven Melemis MD PhD


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Reviews by Health Professionals

Priceless! This is one of my favorite resources!! -- Stephen T.

Five Stars. Informative and a helpful tool for clients and individuals searching to change their lives!! -- N I.

One of the best which I have read recently. Works well with groups or individuals. This will be used frequently by me. I just lent it to one of my co-workers. -- Melissa G M.

I use this book many times every week.I use this book many times every week. I reference material for our residential clients and use it as a teaching tool in my classes. Very good book. -- Amazon Customer.

A Must Read. I work in the addiction field and have been looking for a book that simplifies the issues and provides an action plan for change. This is it. It covers everything and explains it too. It is incredible. -- Redhead.

Landmark. One of the landmark books on this one comes close to this. Read it and you will learn a lot of things. -- A Selcuk O.

Helps to facilitate positive change in one's life.This is an excellent book. I use it to facilitate change in my clients who struggle with anxiety and depression. Dr. Melemis writes with intelligence, sincerity and compassion. I find it clearly written and easy to follow. -- Caryn M.

Wonderful Book.Wonderful publication. A very valuable addition to my research library. Very informative and easy reading. Extremely pleased with this purchase. Highly recommend to others. -- Gwendolyn D.

Very insightful. I was assigned this book for a psych class and loved it. While I found that the prescription for daily meditation might not be completely reasonable for my lifestyle I think that he does a great job of taking away the "hocus pocus" of meditation. The points about negative thinking were also life changing! -- Eleanor T.

Hope Sprouts Anew. This small book has inspired fresh hope in my current situation. I am a Presbyterian minister and Marriage and Family Therapist. I am also an opiate addict in treatment at the Mt. Sinai Wellness Center in Dahlonega, Georgia. Decades of pain medication for my chronic back problem led to an addiction that negatively affected my professional capabilities. I entered treatment for this addiction, seeking help to rid myself of narcotics. While in treatment, I read this book in an attempt to better understand Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. The book clearly explained my current predicament, thus giving me hope for my future. I highly recommend this text for anyone suffering from opiate addiction who hopes to find a better, drug-free life ahead. -- Dr. Bob S.

I Want to Change My Life. This book is very good reading and is being used in my counseling sessions. It is put together so drug and alcohol clients can understand the path to change. The shipment was fast and timely. I hope this will have a positive impact on my clients. Good book. -- John O.

Great book. This book is very good, was recommended by a medical professional in the rehab facility and is, indeed, very good for recovering addicts. -- Z L.

Mental Health and Self-Help Reviews

The single best book I've read on mental health recovery. The single best book I've read on mental health recovery. Written in short sections and straightforward language that is memorable and easy to absorb. More importantly, it focuses on practical techniques that can be put into action straight away. -- Gerard.

Saved my life, literally. For those with depression, those with obsessive characters, and recovering addicts. And you know, even those who simply want to retrain their brain to make them more pragmatic, positive and constructive characters. Personally, “someone I know” recovering from tragic addiction has pretty much re-aligned his brain on the back of this book, especially with techniques to relax. Something one will suggest "huh, how to relax! That's easy" - well, learn how to do it PROPERLY, then reassess. -- S F.

The best book I've ever bought. I'm really glad I bought this book. It's comprehensively written, factual but is also easy to read and, at times, entertaining. It is full of practical tips on how to change your life and if anyone is interested in using Mind Body Relaxation and/or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to combat stress and tension then this is the book for them. You don't need to be suffering from anxiety, depression or addiction to benefit from this book. It's for anyone who needs help to relax. -- Phaedra.

Good book for a loved one in jail or prison. I bought this for my fiancé as he did time in jail. I bought many books for him and he read them all, yet this is the one that he always refers back to as really having an impact. He loved it and he actually shared it with other inmates who all said they really enjoyed it. -- Jessica A.

Best book I have ever read! Two pages into it, I was already hooked... and so was my husband! This is the most realistic, down to earth, and accessible book we have ever read on how to deal with the insanity of having three TAC's (Troubled Adult Child(ren) - a term we learned from another book) and staying sane and centered. My husband and I are still learning from it, and I even bought a copy for my youngest TAC. Dr. Melemis' writing is clear, logical, organized, and even humorous, bringing order and peace to what otherwise would be chaos... Chaos in thinking, chaos in behavior, chaos in emotional responses to external and internal stimuli. I would highly recommend this book to anyone either personally dealing with any of the issues tackled by this book, or with a loved one dealing with the same. Better than any psychotherapy and a heck of a lot cheaper! - Sassy

Amazing. This book saved my life. Mindfulness is the key to it all. Thank you for publishing this book and helping me see the light. -- Robert P T.

Everyone should read this book! The book was very informative and well-written. It contained "hands-on" advice and suggestions that I will be trying to incorporate into my everyday life. -- Gary M.

The best I have ever read. This book is a great help for me, the best I have ever read on the subject it deals with, 10 out of 10 for me. -- Nina G.

This book is AWESOME! This book is exactly like the quote says on the back...a first aid kit for life's problems. You can randomly open to any page and read something that will help you! -- Vinny L.

First book that captured my attention in a while. Loved the book. Completed it in one sitting. Will read again and practice techniques mentioned. Most times I felt connected to the book and author, almost like he was writing it just for me. Thank you! -- Amazon Customer.

Connecting the dots. Resourceful and actual explanations I can understand and apply. The relaxation explanation connects the dots for me and has been the missing link. -- Shane C.

I now have the tools. This book is really helpful and I am thankful for reading it. My issue all my life has been applying myself with the knowledge I have. With this book I am going to conquer my addictions and the other challenges in my life by getting rid of the tension that has affected me for so many years. Thank you – Joseph B.

On the Journey. Fantastic! My wife and I have read this book together and it is great. -- L. Journey.

Says what it does on the cover! Great read, I'd recommend to anyone needing help to quit anything! Well written, and in simple everyday language. I'd recommend it. -- Lesley A.

Gently works with you and through you. Wonderful. This book is just what I need at this time. I only now have the courage to make positive changes without beating myself up. And this is where the journey of this book starts. It’s not all-or-nothing. We are going to make mistakes. We have steps to work through to gently stay the course. Get a notebook and work along. This is a book you will refer back to over and over. -- Bonita W.

The Bible of Self Help. This book breaks down why we feel the way we do into basic and fundamental reasons, in an easy to read and follow way. I have found it to be a comfort to read as it seems as though it's been written JUST for me.
Understanding why I feel the way I do, I'm in a much better position to identify and avoid those things that cause me to feel negatively. Also, the book offers direction on how to handle yourself when you get to a low point. These coping skills are priceless and the simple knowledge that I have a plan makes me feel better.
I would very highly recommend this book to anyone... not just people suffering from Anxiety, Depression and Addiction... There are some great life lessons in here that, without this book, most of us would have to learn the hard way.
I have returned to this book many times since my first read and will continue to do so. If you're feeling ready to take control of your life and learn to laugh and smile again, this book will teach you how. -- Richard G.

Reviews About Anxiety and Depression

Can't say enough positive things about this book. This book has had more benefit to me personally on the subject of anxiety and depression than any other I've ever read. It has helped me make more progress in therapy. I'm much better equipped to challenge my negative thinking. I also understand now just how important of a role stress plays and how to recognize and address it. I will probably be rereading this book. -- TM.

Can’t Stop Highlighting for Notes. I just can’t stop highlighting for notes! This book is helping me a lot on my battle with depression, anxiety, and addiction. I made my own notes after reading so that I can implement them. -- Amazon Customer.

One of the best books I have ever read on anxiety. One of the best books I have ever read on anxiety. If you are struggling with that I would buy it immediately. -- Diane N.

I like reading this book at night because it puts things into perspective. I suffer from anxiety but not depression. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to get centered and calm and peaceful. I like reading this book at night because it puts things into perspective and allows me to get back in balance and have a great night's sleep and look forward to a great next day. -- Dutch Girl.

Excellent no nonsense advice! Having read many books around the subject of depression/stress/anxiety & addiction, this book is by far the best & strips the subject down to the important nut & bolts of how you can help yourself without all the fancy/expensive techniques. -- David T.

Very Good Book. A very good book and must read for anyone living with and working with family members with PTSD and anger issues. We showed it to our psychologist and he said it was a very good book to read. -- RJBJR.

Reviews About Addiction and Recovery

This book is amazing! This book is amazing! I have tried to stop my anxiety and addiction. And have always failed. This book shows me from page one DIFFERENT ways and ideas for changing my coping skills. Thank you! -- Kristi.

I love this book. I love this book. I bought the first copy for myself, and then bought another to give away. Very clear, very well explained aspects of addiction that were particularly helpful. Recommended for anyone dealing with addiction. Great addition to any 12-step program. -- Diane I. L.

I highly recommend it if you're in recovery. This book is incredible! I highly recommend it if you're in recovery, a loved one of someone in recovery, searching for answers to reduce stress, and/or wishing to truly change your life.-- Anni P.

An amazing beginning to sobriety. Loved everything about this, taught me so much about tension and how addictions effect our brains. Very great! Thank you!! -- Rachel R.

Good Reading. I am in recovery and this book gives me a lot of great ideas and inspires me daily to keep getting better every day. Recommend for anyone with substance abuse issue, anxiety, depression. -- Sheryl.

Great book. I am early in my recovery & learned a lot about myself by reading this book. The techniques given will be a huge factor in my recovery. -- Campinglover.

Rehab manual. Great reference. -- Natale A F.

This actually works well even for a “know it all”. Excellent verbal illustrations that help put the reader in a receptive state to read an apply these very well thought out studies and examples make changing your life away from addiction easier to achieve.
This book is an excellent read for a person who may want to change a small part of their life or a big part. This book will definitely get you on the right track. I felt better almost right away, day one. I look forward to the rest of my life now. Strongly RECOMMENDED. – LP.

Excellent practical advice & help for the addict/alcoholic. Written by a compassionate doctor who works with alcoholics & addicts, this is a wonderful book which offers sound advice for coming to terms with addiction & avoiding relapse.
Dr. Melemis outlines a simple 5-point plan, the main thrust of which is that you must learn to relax & reduce stress which is a huge trigger for substance-abuse & relapse.
He emphasizes the importance of honest self-appraisal, the fact that recovery is virtually impossible to achieve alone. One needs the help & support of fellow addicts in structured meetings & to follow a tried & true route to recovery without slipping off into little detours of one's own devising which can lead one off track.
His first point, however, is that you MUST change your life & habits if you are to get well. You cannot just attempt to give up your substance without making many other changes. For example, continuing to frequent bars & "party" with drinking friends but ordering a soft drink just won't work for very long! And a gentler, kinder attitude towards others & oneself is helpful.
There is much advice for depression & tension, with very helpful pages on meditation, a priceless tool. "The most important thing you can do for the success of your recovery is to learn to relax," says Dr. Melemis. This book can really help you. -- Tomassina.

Kirkus Book Review

A medical doctor, and cancer survivor, proposes steps for better living. Reading [the book] feels like sitting in the audience at a seminar, giving the impression that Melemis is a rather engaging speaker
There is throughout the book an air of hard-won certainty that is most noticeable in the later chapters on addiction, recovery and relapse-avoidance. Here, his stance is that of a positive, supportive coach rather than a medical practitioner. For example, while counseling addicts who might be thinking of using again, he sounds like a friend: “Remind yourself of how much better you feel now that you’ve stopped using. Think of how nice it is that you don’t have to lie. Your mind is clearer. You have more energy. Your mood is improving. Do you really want to blow all that?” It’s difficult to imagine a person in the grip of addiction for whom this advice would not be helpful. And Melemis’ underlying point—that perhaps more people are addicted to stressful behavior than are willing to admit it—is well-taken.
A quiet, sane, nonconfrontational call for people to take control of enjoying their lives—an important lesson in this frantic 21st century. Review Posted Online: June 11th,2010

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